S.W.A. Supports Days of Grace

by on August 11, 2015

Days of Grace

Days of Grace March and Rally

Charleston, S.C.


Labor Day Weekend

September 5, 9:00am: National Mass March & Rally

Southern Workers Assembly Meeting:
12:30pm (immediately following the march)
at ILA local 1422 Union hall
1142 Morrison Dr. Charleston SC

Strategy Conference

Saturday, Sept 5 2:00 – 6:00pm Conference @ ILA Local 1422 Hall
1142 Morrison Dr
Sunday, Sept 6 7:30am Interdenominational Service (Location TBA)
Sunday, Sept 6 10:00am – 3:00pm Conference @ ILA Local 1422 Hall
1142 Morrison Dr

Labor Must Join the Fight to Stop the War on Black America!

The assassination of the Charleston, South Carolina 9 in bible study at the Mother Emanuel AME Church by a white racist terrorist continues to point out how the corporate owned media and government policies criminalize Black and people of color to make us scapegoats for the deep economic crisis caused by a system of corporate greed.

Like the racist terrorist bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama that killed 4 young Black girls and injured 22 others in 1963; Black and people of conscience throughout the U.S. and internationally are rightfully outraged by this criminal attack on the Mother Emanuel AME Church.

The mantra by those who oppose labor rights, voting rights, women’s rights, LGBT rights, quality public education, expanding Medicare and living wages, that this act of racist terror has brought people in South Carolina closer together, symbolized by taking down the confederate flag, does not address the real issues and the forces that devalue Black lives and divide the people.

It is no coincidence that Dylan Roof chose the Mother Emanuel AME church to carry out his racist terror. This church represents a historical place where people of conscience meet to organize and plan the struggles against injustice and for Freedom; a legacy left by Denmark Vesey a founder of Mother Emanuel AME who gave his life in the Black Freedom Struggle.

Racism is more than negative thoughts in white folk’s heads. It is part of an organized system of capitalism that devalues anything for profits, not only in the U.S. but globally. The extrajudicial police and vigilante killings of unarmed Black people every 28 hours, and the failure of the courts to convict these killers, sends a racist message that the government devalues Black lives.

Young Black and people of conscience across the country are rebelling against this economic and politically driven racist climate that has declared War on Black people in the form of economic, political and social violence – the police killings, high unemployment, attacks on public education, environmental racism, mass incarceration, gentrification, low wages and attacks on worker, women, union and human rights. In addition to being the conditions of an oppressed people; they are the conditions of the most impacted section of the working-class.

To challenge and defeat this racist system, the power of the people, especially the Black and general working-class must be organized and mobilized against the economic and political forces and system that places profits over human needs and rights.

The last 7 years has made clear, that without the organized power of the people, especially the Black and general working-class, that elected officials at best, try to exercise power within a system dominated by the corporate power of the 1-percent. Most unfortunately follow the dictates of big money.

Just as the ILA 1422 struggle for labor rights built a national and international movement that demanded and won the Freedom of the Charleston 5, all workers must utilize the Days of Grace/Rage mobilization to inspire all of labor to mobilize their power to stop this War on Black America and the working-class!

End Racism and Police Terror!

Raise the minimum wage to $15/hour!


Gov’t funding for full employment, not for war!

Single Payer National Health Care for All!

Repeal bans on Collective Bargaining Rights for All Public Workers!

Free education through college, abolish student debt!

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Aug 9: All Out for Solidarity City!

by on July 30, 2014
Solidarity City

Aug 9: All Out for Solidarity City!
Workers Fighting To Organize the South!

August 9 | 10am-5pm | 803 Harris St, Goldsboro, NC

Visit the Facebook Event Page

On Saturday, August 9 workers from across NC and other Southern states will gather in Goldsboro, NC for Solidarity City – a day long gathering of workers to discuss strategy, develop their organizing skills, and lay out how to continue to build a united effort to organize the South.

Summer 2014 will be a time of looking back to the history of the South for inspiration and guidance for the contemporary Southern freedom movement. It is in this spirit that Moral Freedom Summer has taken root.

In the late 1960s, prominent civil rights leaders focused their attention to the struggle for economic justice for all Americans. Shortly before Dr. King was assassinated, SCLC and allied organizations launched the Poor People’s campaign, which called on the federal government to take bold steps to eradicate poverty in the richest nation on earth. The campaign climaxed in Resurrection City in 1969, a diverse gathering of low income and unemployed people from across the nation in Washington DC. (An important “second act” of the Poor People’s Campaign was the Charleston Hospital workers strike of 1969.)

In this spirit, we will convene low wage workers in August 2014 for education, culture building and strategizing. We believe that such a gathering will be a powerful experience for workers, labor activists, the Forward Together movement and the broad public.

Solidarity City will carry on the spirit of the Forward Together Moral movement with a specific focus on the issue of living wages and labor rights, focusing on the goal of $15 and the freedom to form a union for all workers.

The conference will be targeted at workers from North Carolina and workers from other Southern states but will also include clergy, community activists and organizers. Worker participants can be union members or be unorganized.

We hope you can join us as we make the call to create a new Poor People’s Movement to change the South and change the nation and demand a future for working people.

Email us at solidaritycity2014@gmail.com for more info


A Message to the Moral Monday Movement June 16th, 2014

by on June 15, 2014


The RIGHT to a voice and power at work is a Human Right!

A Message to the Moral Monday Movement June 16th, 2014:
  • Raise the minimum wage to $15/hr.
  • Repeal GS 95-98, Collective Bargain-ing Rights for All Public Workers!
  • NO to HB 677 – city worker’s right to un-ion dues deduction.
  • Stop attacks on state workers!
    Restore full personnel rights and the right to grieve all matters!
  • Fully fund Public Education!
    Stop pitting educators against educators!
  • Labor rights for farm workers!
  • Restore Cuts to Unemployment Insurance!
  • Workers Bill of Rights to protect all workers!
Drop the Charges Against All Moral Monday Arrestees
Reverse the Attacks on Free Speech at the Legislature
Build local worker’s assemblies!

SWA Salutes Teachers Resistance To Education Cuts in NC – Moral Monday Action, June 9, 2014

by on June 14, 2014

Onwards to building local Worker Assemblies !

Thousands of teachers, bus drivers, housekeepers, kitchen and other education workers, along with students and parents from hundreds of schools across the state of North Carolina have been organizing over the past year, starting with the incredible “walk-in” at school flag poles on Nov. 4, 2013 protesting Gov. McCrory and the General Assembly’s massive cuts to public education and attacks on education workers rights. Since then, there has been a flood of rallies and actions by public education supporters at county school board meetings across the state that effectively shut down the 25% contract scheme. Several teachers and students have gotten arrested at the Legislature as part of the Moral Monday movement. NC is 48th out of 50 states in both per-pupil funding for public education and average teacher’s pay.

Raleigh Worker SpeakOut SWA NCAE UEGovernor Pat McCrory, State budget Director and retail store mogul Art Pope, Sen. Thom Tillis, Rep. Phil Berger are to blame for the slashing funds for instructional supplies and textbooks, eliminating thousands of teacher assistants’ positions, gutting tenure rights for teachers (making it easier to fire teachers). Now they want to hold a carrot of a minor pay raise over teachers as an effort to eliminate your rights and further erode public schools.

It’s time to stop being afraid, ”stated Clara Stiers, a Westlake Middle School counselor speaking at a town hall in Apex. “Today is the beginning.”

Workers taking collective action, such as the walk-ins and speaking out at county school boards, and joining the Moral Monday movement is the only way that working people can defend our jobs, our communities and the vital services that we provide. We must continue to stay organized and support each other in our struggles for democracy in the work place. The initial call for a walk-out teachers strike shows how determined many teachers are to fight for quality education for the students that includes job security for education workers. The walk-ins that were later organized to engage education workers, parents, students and our communities, begins a the direction of forming people’s education assemblies where real educational democracy comes to life.

This action – like many before including the recent fast food and Walmart workers strikes – was a continuation of united struggle for workers across N.C., the South and the entire country. We must continue to meet after work, before work, during lunch and continue to organize actions that bring voice and power to workers. After all, we run the schools, the factories, the mental health institutions, the cities and all of society. Should we not be allowed to make decisions about how things are run?

In fact, not only is it teachers but all public service workers, and all workers generally that have seen a major decline in their standard of living and increased work loads. State employees in NC have not seen any real raise since 2008. According to the Economic Policy Institute, from 1983 to 2010 the bottom 60 percent of Americans actually lost wealth, despite the fact that the overall U.S. economy has grown over this same time period,

Even in a state without collective bargaining rights for public employees, workers will find ways to organize and express our opposition to bad decisions made at the expense of our lives, our dignity and our communities. We must continue to work to over-turn the anti-worker, anti-student, anti-poor the ban public workers that basic right to a union contract and right-to-work (for less) laws.

The Southern Workers Assembly – composed of workers from across the public sector, in private industry and also farm workers – salute and congratulate the bold and important action of education workers on November 4 to finally take a little power back. We vow to continue to work hand-in-hand with the NC Association of Educators, Organize 2020 and other rank-n-file education workers across the state to help improve schools and our workers rights. We support the work of Public Schools First NC to stop privatization of public education, so that private companies can not get rich off public services.

At the Statewide NC Workers Fightback Conference in September 2013, we launched the Workplace Democracy campaign and Local Workers Assemblies in regions across the state including Charlotte (Western NC), Goldsboro (Eastern NC), and Durham (Triangle area). These formations can help education workers unite with all other workers in public and private jobs to fight for our common interests, build democracy in the workplace and challenge corporate and government forces to achieve fully funding of all public services and build workers power.

Join us next Monday, June 16 at the Moral Monday focused on labor and workers rights!

An injury to one is an injury to all!

Education is a right!

Build the Workers Assemblies!

Organize the South!                                                                      June 9, 2014


International Workers Day 2014

by on April 17, 2014

May 1, 2014

International Workers Day

The South Pulls Together and Unites for Universal Worker Rights and Decolonization of Labor and Migration

Join a march near you, Thursday, May 1:

Other actions TBA in Chattanooga, Memphis and elsewhere.

May Day was born over 120 years ago commemorating the Haymarket Massacre in Chicago in 1886 when police shot workers who were striking to establish the eight-hour workday and the right to organize and prohibit child labor. The US-South revived and regenerated Mayday commemorations during the 2006 general strike, which was fueled by migrants.

The US South unites youth, women, men, immigrants, Indigenous Peoples, labor unions, LGBTQ, human rights organizations, farm workers, environmentalists, workers and social movements with the rest of the US and the world to Decolonize and Regenerate our struggles to propel ourselves forward for Liberation in the 21st century and to do away with Borders, Respect Human Rights, and for Universal Rights for all workers of the planet and our right to migrate anywhere on earth.

The South forms and represents working class struggles. The South demands Universal Living Wages, the Universal Right to organize and Universal Migrant Rights. The South demands the criminal charges against all Moral Monday arrestees be dropped including Saladin Mohammed Leader of Southern Workers Assembly in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The South forms part of a social movement that denounces the neo liberal politics of government and its political parties. President Obama promotes imperialist wars in Afghanistan and other parts of the world to steal natural resources. We say End US-EU-NATO wars in the Middle East and Africa. US hands off Venezuela and Ukraine, no more wars for natural resources. The South demands stop the war and bring the troops home.

The South denounces the economic crisis of the capitalist system that was forced onto the people by the super rich, transnational corporations and the banks that the people bailed out only to make the rich more rich and the poor more poor. The crisis of mass unemployment continues as over 30 million workers remain unemployed and over 20% of those employed remain underemployed, the vast majority in low-wage, dead end jobs. Unemployment for Black, Brown and Native workers is more than double that of white workers. We demand a Federally-funded public works jobs program and full employment now!

The South denounces the failure of the neo liberal model of the free trade agreements like Nafta, Cafta and the current Trans Pacific Partnership which President Obama wants to fast track. This agreement will set new rules on food safety and medicine prices.  The free trade agreements exploit workers and displace communities over Mexico, Central and South America and the world with poverty wages, without the right to organize unions, bad working and social conditions.

The South denounces and demands the abolishment of the “Taft Hartley Act” and section 14B that prohibits the right of workers to organize unions, collective bargaining and the right to strike. We demand comprehensive labor change.

The South denounces the militarization of the US/Mexico Border that is racist and criminalizes immigrants takes them to their death, provokes division and violence among communities along the US Mexico Border.

The South denounces raids and deportation that divides immigrant families and treats them as if they were terrorists. We denounce the ICE commandos and the mistreatment of immigrant families. We demand laws that recognize basic rights for all immigrants, social services and immigration laws that recognize the principal of universal citizenship.

The South denounces the attack on Public Schools by conservative right wing politicians, which has caused loss of jobs, a loss of billions of dollars and a second class education due to privatization of education throughout the south.

The South denounces the increased New Jim Crow activities and white supremacy and racist laws such as the stand your ground law which has resulted in the death of young Black people such as Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis and other people of color and indigenous people. We demand an end to police terror, police murders, brutality, racial profiling and the school-to-prison pipeline. We demand a decolonization process to end death and violence.

The South commits to supports efforts of youth in their forms of expression and commit to be at their service in the initiatives of the right to education and their right to form and create organizations.

The South commits to look for and implement alternatives of ALBA (Alternative Bolivariana de las Americas) towards globalization, war, capitalism, neoliberalism and the inequality between poor and rich.

The South commits to liberate all political prisoners including Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier, Imam Jamil Al-Amin and others jailed for activism, and those in Puerto Rico in their struggle for independence and discontinue being a colony of the US. We demand an end to the Cuban Economic Blockade and the liberation of the Cuban heroes prisoners in US jails.

The South commits to organize and participate this May 1, 2014. With everything that we do, with everything that we are, with everything that we dream we have the security and faith of constructing a better world for all and all the human races.

Another South, Another US and Another World is Possible!


If you are organizing an event in your area and would like it listed on the Southern Workers Assembly press release, website and information leaflets, please submit the information to info@southernworker.org