Join & Build – SWA Membership & Membership Structure

A) Individual Membership: Upon application, resident workers in Southern states will be enrolled as members. Members are expected to make an annual financial donation to SWA and to participate in SWA activities (as listed on their application form).

B) Membership Organization: Indlvidual members are encouraged to collectively build an organizational structure as follows:

  1. Workplace Committee (Cadre) – at least 5 SWA members in a non-union workplace;
  2. Local Workers’ Assembly in-formation – attempting to form a local assembly made up of workplace committees from at least 3 area workplaces. Assemblies in-formation may receive some assistance from SWA.
  3. Local Workers’ Assembly – upon application and approval by the SWA Coordinating Committee, a functioning Assembly  will have 1 seat on the Coordinating Committee.
  4. Worker Networks Beyond the Local Assembly –  Assemblies once established are encouraged to form Councils and occasional conferences and other forums for discussion among workers in a common state, occupation, industry, or corporation.
C) Supporting Membership:  Upon application workers not residing or employed in a southern state will be enrolled as supporting members and will make an annual financial donation to SWA. They will be encouraged  to assist in SWA organization-building in a variety of supporting roles (research, fund-raising, writing, teaching at the Workers School, etc)

D) Affiliations: Collective Bargaining Unions and other allied worker organizations may affiliate with SWA and participate in one or more Local Worker Assembly(s), upon completion of their own internal affiliation procedures  An affiliation fee must be paid at the time of the affiliation, and shall be annual thereafter.

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