Build Worker Power to Organize the South!

The Southern Workers Assembly is a network of local unions, worker organizations, and organizing committees, committed to building rank-and-file democratic social movement unionism as a foundation for organizing, uniting and transforming labor power throughout the South.

2023 Southern Worker School

The Southern Workers Assembly is excited to share that we will be convening a Southern Worker School in Charlotte, North Carolina on April 21 through April 23.

The theme of the spring gathering is “Organizing a Workers Assembly from A to Z.” The school will focus primarily on putting forward a methodology for developing workers assemblies, drawn from our experience on the ground, and the role they play in building a social movement oriented infrastructure to organize and express worker power in the South.

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The Southern Workers Assembly is launching a broad, regional campaign to raise and fight for a Southern Workers Power Political Program against the backdrop of the 2022 election season.

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The purpose of the Southern Workers Assembly is to organize rank-and-file workers to achieve a level of worker power through building organization in all kinds of workplaces, uniting them in assemblies, and exercising sufficient power through collectively bargaining contracts with employers, workplace mobilizations, labor and community solidarity, and independent political action.

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We’ve developed guidance for workers on how to take collective and engage your coworkers on issues on your job, toolkits to develop local workers assemblies, political education resources, and much more to assist workers who want to organize and fight for power on the job and in your community.


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There are many active campaigns across the South and ongoing work to develop local workers assemblies. If you want to be a part of the fight to organize the South and build worker power, get in touch with the Southern Workers Assembly today!

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