Southern Worker Power Program

We have the right to organize and form unions, collectively bargain and strike, therefore we demand:

  • That all work place decisions are made with worker input and control including the right to a decent job with a living wage based on local cost of living with frequent and regular raises.
  • Safe and healthy workplace, paid sick leave, paid family and parenting leave, just cause for termination, retirement security and a reduced work week without reduced pay.
  • Reduce barriers to union organizing by prohibiting mandatory captive audience meetings and increasing penalties for illegal anti-union activity.

We have the right to health care, therefore we demand:

  • Expand Medicaid in all states.
  • Improve and expand Medicare for All, including dental care, elder care, reproductive care and mental health care.
  • Reduce the prices for pharmaceuticals.

We have the right to safe and decent housing, therefore we demand:

  • Establish rent control, “just cause only” evictions and public programs for discrimination-free access to affordable home ownership.
  • No redlining or discrimination in mortgages, loans, rents and housing.
  • End privatization, improve and expand high-quality public housing.

We have the right to justice, therefore we demand:

  • An end to discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and immigration status in all public arenas including policing, child protective services, healthcare, housing policy, education policy, and employment practices.
  • Reparations for Black and Indigenous People.

We have the right to our bodies, therefore we demand:

  • That Roe vs. Wade be upheld.
  • Free access to reproductive healthcare for all.

We have the right to education, therefore we demand:

  • Free quality education through college under public control and ownership that creates an educated community.
  • Widespread support for the efforts of teachers and librarians in teaching the complete and accurate people’s history.
  • Cancel all student debt.

We have the rights to peace and safety, therefore we demand:

  • Demilitarize the police and end wars. Cut the US military budget in half and reallocate the money saved to fund necessary social programs.
  • Institute programs that reduce police violence, create accountability with mandatory body cameras and civilian oversight with community control and subpoena power.
  • Eliminate unpaid prison labor, paying a living wage for work performed, while prioritizing rehabilitative services.
  • End racist violence and combat the forces in this culture that give rise to tragic gun deaths.

We have the right to a sustainable environment, therefore we demand:

  • Guaranteed clean water, air and land for all by strictly regulating oil, energy and military while we transition to a green infrastructure. Pass the Green New Deal and support the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • A robust public infrastructure program to counteract the effects of climate change and overdevelopment, particularly on low-income and Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities.
  • Hold corporations accountable for pollution and environmental damage they create.

We have the right to democracy, therefore we demand:

  • Universal voting rights for all with national standards including automatic registration.
  • A national paid holiday for election day.
  • End gerrymandering.

Download the program leaflet- click here

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