Read the SWA Statement and then Sign on!
  • Charlotte City Workers Union, UE150 chapter
  • Black Workers for Justice
  • UE local 150, North Carolina Public Service Workers Union
  • Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC), AFL-CIO
  • United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE) International union
  • UFCW International union
  • United Campus Workers-Communication Workers of America local 3865, Tennessee
  • UE local 160, Virginia Public Service Workers Union
  • UE local 170, West Virginia Public Service Workers Union
  • UE Eastern Region
  • Atlanta Public Sector Alliance
  • Atlanta Jobs with Justice
  • Mississippi Workers Center for Human Rights
  • Southern Human Rights Organizing Network (SHRON)
  • Community Labor United Save Postal Jobs Services
  • Southwest Workers Union, San Antonio, TX
  • Carolina Alliance for Fair Employment (CAFE)
  • Emergency Labor Network
  • The Labor Forum, WRFG 89.3FM, Atlanta, GA
  • May 1 Coalition for Workers and Immigrant Rights, NYC
  • U.S./Cuba/Mexico Labor Conference
  • Student Action with Workers, UNC Chapel Hill
  • UNC United for the Northside Now
  • Saladin Muhammad, Retired UE International Representative and Coordinator of the Southern International Worker Justice Campaign
  • Rose Turner, UFCW Local 1529*, Catfish Workers in the Delta
  • Donna Dewitt, President Emeritus, South Carolina AFL-CIO*
  • Cindy Foster, APWU, President Southern Piedmont Central Labor Council*, Charlotte, NC
  • Corrine Mack, APRI*, SPCLC*, Charlotte, NC
  • Ken Riley, President ILA local 1422* and President of SC AFL-CIO, Charleston, SC
  • Franklin Torrence, UAW local 3520*, “Freightliner 5”, former Executive Committee member, Cleveland, NC
  • Dianne Mathiowetz, UAW local 10*, Atlanta, GA
  • John Long, ATU local 1177*, Hampton Roads, VA
  • Eddie Oquendo, Postal Mail Handlers* local officer, Goose Creek, SC
  • Paul Kilduff, President, APWU Metro local 100, Boston, MA*
  • Andre Powell, AFSCME Local 112* Executive Board member, Baltimore

* for identification purposes only

SIGN ON TODAY!!  Below is the Call to Action that all endorsing organizations are signing on to support:

WHAT:  Southern Workers Assembly
WHEN:  September 3, 2012 (Labor Day), first day of Democratic National Convention
WHERE:  Wedgewood Baptist Church, 4800 Wedgewood Drive  Charlotte, NC 28210

Join Southern unions, workers organizations, civil/human rights groups, immigrant rights groups, unemployed, young workers, faith and community for a workers speak-out that uplifts our on-the-ground actual workers’ rights struggles in the US South.

The Southern working class must encourage our workers and organizations to have an independent presence at the Democratic National Convention as an opportunity to discuss, plan and organize around our own working class needs and struggles for independent political action as we continue to challenge Right-To-Work (for less) & Taft-Hartley laws, low wages, denial of collective bargaining, and workers’ human rights connected with the historical demands against the South’s legacy of Jim Crow laws, anti-immigrant scapegoating and racism.
The Southern region is the least unionized region in the country. NC is the single least unionized state and is home of Wall Street South as headquarters of Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank East with the largest concentration of finance capital outside NYC. Workers must let the big banks, corporations and both parties know that we as workers will continue building our powerful Southern movement that addresses our needs as workers and not corporate greed! Enough is enough! We will Organize, Unionize and fightback!
Goals of the Southern Workers Assembly include:

  • Organize a workers’ speak-out and assembly (on September 3rd in Charlotte) so that we can learn more about all the actual workers struggles that are happening across the US South.
  • Continue to develop infrastructure to report on workers struggles and support each other in our campaigns. ie. Developing a southern worker newsletter and or website/blog.
  • Build a southern-wide workers alliance helping to align already existing networks, coalitions into a more cohesive vehicle towards the long-term goal of a genuine Southern Workers Congress
  • Draw in more resources from national unions and other organizations to organize in the US South.

To endorse, send an email to

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