The Triad Workers Assembly wants to express our solidarity with cafeteria workers from Guilford County Schools who waged a two-day, sick-out strike on November 27 and 28. These workers are standing up and exercising their labor rights to demand a living wage for the vital work they perform to feed public-school students. We stand behind these workers ready to offer our support to make certain their needs are met so that they can continue to keep our schools running.

These brave workers are an inspiration to other public-sector workers and to the working class at large — not only in the Triad and the rest of North Carolina, but across the United States — who are fed up and no longer willing to be mistreated, underpaid, and exploited by employers. If GCS cafeteria workers decide to go out again and support is needed on the picket line, or if support is needed at state government or county board meetings during budget negotiations, the Triad Workers Assembly is ready to have these workers’ backs.  

Solidarity forever! Organize the South!

Triad Workers Assembly

December 3, 2023

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