Macy’s Workers for Justice

Dear fellow Macy’s Logistics workers,

Please don’t post this private, secure link.

This is for regular, non-supervisory colleagues, FT and PT. OK to share via messenger, text or email. (Please don’t post the link.) No one can see who has viewed this message or signed the petition. It is completely confidential.

Some of us are working to regain holiday pay, to gain an across the board pay raise for everyone, and to get PROFIT SHARING too. We also want to CHOOSE, RISK FREE, WHETHER OR NOT to form a union to achieve these things.

WE BELIEVE EVERYONE should have THE OPPORTUNITY to make an INFORMED CHOICE, however, this cannot happen without enough signatures.

Once we get enough signatures, WE GET A CHOICE, a complete explanation, ALL OF OUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED. Then, WE GET TO CHOOSE.

# of your coworkers have joined together to support you and others in this cause

AT THE VERY LEAST, we will all learn something and can then make a informed choice.

Bottom line: We Get to Choose!

Our perspective, future partner:

I hereby request and accept membership in the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America union, and authorize it to represent me, and in my behalf to negotiate and conclude all agreements as to hours of labor, wages and all other conditions of employment.

Once there are enough signatures an announcement will be made, information will be distributed and all questions will be answered.

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