On March 16, Southern Workers Assembly co-coordinator Saladin Muhammad spoke alongside Hammer & Hoe author and Alabama labor historian Dr. Robin D.G. Kelley on a national webinar about the BAmazon union struggle.

The webinar focused on the central role that Black workers in the South have played throughout history in leading forward the struggles for unions, against racism, and for broader social change. You can rewatch it here.

Today, the nearly 6,000 workers in Bessemer, Alabama, who are fighting to form the first U.S. union at Amazon have stepped onto the mantle of history, building upon these historical struggles and playing a leading role in the working class movement today.

As the voting period nears a close on March 29, continued solidarity efforts will be critical, not only to what unfolds in the coming weeks, but to develop this movement that has emerged from and around the struggle in Bessemer into a broader program to deepen our work to Organize the South.

To that end, the Southern Workers Assembly is encouraging Southern worker activists to join demonstrations planned this Saturday, March 20, near you. If you are planning to attend an action, bring SWA signs and literature with you.

If there is not an activity planned, consider calling one at an Amazon-owned location – such as Whole Foods – in your area. Find a list of planned activities here.

If you’re planning an action in your area, please email us at info@southernworker.org so we can get it listed.

You can find and print signs, leaflets and other materials to bring with you to demonstrations on our site as well.

Victory to the Bessemer workers! Organize the South!

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