NC Safe Jobs Save Lives Day of Action – February 16

Delta and Omicron variants of coronavirus are continuing to surge across North Carolina and increasingly pose a terrifying workplace safety concern. We just heard reports that an Amazon worker at the Garner RDU1 Fulfillment Center as well as a Charlotte City light rail operator died of COVID in the last few days. This is a dire emergency.

Join our emergency statewide day of action on February 16 (and beyond)! Workplace actions include wearing stickers on the job, workplace rallies, press conferences and more!

Actions are being planned in all corners of the state. Stay tuned. We plan to announce local action in the coming days.

We all uniting to demand that our BOSSES and the GOV’T grant the following:

1. Hazard Pay
2. Universal Paid Sick Leave
3. Universal Healthcare – Medicare for All!
4. Employer-provided daily N95 masks
5. Required masking on public transit, public schools & public events.
6. Required testing before returning to work after quarantine or positive test.
7. Free weekly testing.
8. Employers to enforce social distancing.
9. Enforced & timely contract tracing and communication.
10. Sanitation of workstations and work vehicles.
11. Employers to share testing rates weekly and work locations.
12. Protect and Expand the Right to Form and Join a Union!

Actions currently being organized in:

  • Fayetteville
    • 6am – 10am, 2pm-6pm – Leaflet action at Valley Proteins Plant | For more info, contact 910-580-6510
  • Lewiston
  • Goldsboro
  • Raleigh
    • 1pm – Rally at NCSU Chancellor’s Office, (20 Watauga Club Dr.)
  • Durham
    • 12:30pm – Rally at Amazon Delivery Station DRT1 (224 N Hoover Rd) | For more info, contact 919-539-2051
  • Butner
  • Winston Salem
  • Asheville
    • 11am – Press conference at Mission Hospital (intersection of Hospital and Biltmore) | Organized by NNOC/NNU, contact 865-318-4811 for more info
    • 12pm – Rally at Pack Square, begins at 12pm noon until 5:30pm-ish | Organized by ATU Bus Drivers, contact 828-423-6737 for more info
  • Charlotte

To get more involved, email us at or call us at 919-539-2051

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