Solidarity for Amazon workers in Bessemer, Alabama fighting to organize their union with the Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union (RWDSU) has continued to expand across the country and around the world following coordinated actions on February 20. This is a critical development that, in addition to opening wide the question of how to organize one of the world’s largest transnational corporations, has put a renewed focus on organizing labor in the South.

This struggle is entering a critical period in the weeks ahead, as voting by mail in Bessemer ends on March 29. Continued actions and efforts to build solidarity will be needed. And indeed, actions are being organized at Whole Foods’, Amazon warehouses, the offices of Amazon union busters, and other locations of significance nearly every day in cities across the country, and new messages of solidarity from unions and worker organizations, major politicians, and others similarly continue to grow.

Since February 20, the Southern Workers Assembly has been convening discussions among organizers of these actions and other workers to strategize about how to concentrate our efforts to expand upon the doors opened by the workers in Bessemer. We are working to develop new workers assemblies in cities across the South, discussing a strategic focus on outreach and work among Amazon workers, and preparing to convene a Workers School in late April to gather forces in the region around these initiatives.

We also encourage the continued actions in solidarity with the workers in Bessemer, and have signs and leaflets on our website that those attending activities in their area can utilize. While there are many efforts in motion, there are two upcoming dates where significant activities are planned.

On Saturday, March 13, a car caravan is planned in Bessemer, AL, led by the Black Lives Matter Movement, movement elders, the RWDSU, and other community organizations. The caravan will gather at the Circle K at 994 Academy Dr in Bessemer, beginning at 4pm. Please contact 205-322-7462 or email us at and we can help to connect you to organizers of this event.

On Saturday, March 20, there is a call for actions in solidarity with Amazon workers and against union-busting. Activities planned in the South on this date will be listed on our website, please email us at if you are planning something in your area.

Victory to the Bessemer Amazon Workers! Organize the South!

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