The following solidarity statement, issued on behalf of the Southern Workers Assembly, was written by Al Long, a retired IT worker and SWA member in Norfolk, VA.

Sisters and Brothers of UAW 2069,

The Southern Workers Assembly stands in solidarity with your strike against Volvo Trucks North America. For too long, employers have been able to ignore or roll back the basic needs of workers, even when we are organized, by refusing to bargain in good faith. After $3.4 billion in 2020 profits and an 8.4% profit margin, there is no excuse for Volvo’s refusal to improve wages and working conditions at the New River Valley assembly plant.

Volvo’s stalling tactics demonstrate exactly why we must get the PRO Act passed. We urge people to demand that Virginia Senator Mark Warner stop blocking the PRO Act, and that President Biden use executive orders to implement PRO Act measures if a few corporate-owned politicians continue to obstruct its passage.

Your struggle against Volvo is so important for all working people, especially in the South. As a network of local unions, worker organizations, organizing committees and community supporters, the Southern Workers Assembly is committed to building rank-and-file democratic social movement unionism in the South. We want collective bargaining rights for all workers. Your battle sets an example for all southern workers to show what organization, unity and solidarity can accomplish.

Please let us know how we can reach out to our network of SWA members, labor activists and community organizations across the South to provide concrete support for your efforts.

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