2023 Worker School Survey

Greetings fellow cadres! If you received this survey, we are in need of your help! 

We’ve seen the growth of unions, worker organizing, strikes, and other motions among rank and file workers to fight back. On the other hand, far right and fascist forces are also organizing and growing stronger, and engaging in increasingly violent attacks, especially against Black, brown, and other oppressed workers. We must continue to sharpen our tools and build each other up for the fight ahead. Coming together as the working class and as active members in our community is more necessary than it has ever been.

The SWA is a network of rank and file workers in different cities and industries building power to develop a more unified workers movement in the US South. 

As an umbrella of different organizing efforts happening in local areas and regionally, we have a responsibility to our people  engaged in this fight for worker power and freedom in our communities to listen and show up in ways that uplift all working class people. We are fighting an evil culture and to do so we must continue to learn from and grow with each other. 

We have been working towards developing a new format for the upcoming SWA Organizing School, which will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our primary objective at last year’s Organizing School was to emerge concrete organizing plans to engage the assemblies and other worker orgs throughout the region. This was the first time that workers from various assemblies had the opportunity to be in community and meet one another. 

We were successful in our efforts to come up with some collective plans to help us better orient our work for the period ahead, thus developing the 9 Point Political Southern Workers Program. This program is a start but we know there is more work to be done. This is where our community and workers alike come in. 

Your feedback will be the building blocks to making this school a success. We want to hear from you, we want to learn with you. Thanks for taking the time to build with us. 

Forward to build the Southern Workers Assembly and Organize the South!

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